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This version of the logo saw its flame being simplified, Mattel's original corporate logo increasing in size and the tagline "Fastest Metal Cars in the World!" Serious Hot Wheels collectors seek mint-condition … Every year at least four more sets are introduced. The series is also used to debut several different castings, such as the 1965 Chevy Malibu or the 1972 Ford Ranchero. Hot Wheels didn’t do much to mark the event, but fans have. As collectors fell in love with the so called Treasure Hunts, Mattel increased its production to 25,000 of each vehicle. Hot Wheels’ 50th Anniversary year is on track to be our biggest growth year in the brand’s history. Another designer, Paul Tam, joined Wood and Gilford. It was designed by a celebrity Beverly Hills jeweler to celebrate the brand’s 40th anniversary. The production of Treasure Hunts was limited and the selected vehicles featured real rubber tires, spectra-paint jobs and modified decos. Hot Wheels is a brand of die-cast toy cars introduced by American toy maker Mattel in 1968. As 1970 was a very successful year, Mattel introduced a new advertising slogan for Hot Wheels “Go With the Winner” and 43 new cars were produced. Later somewhere in 1972, the second versions of both driver's self-titled funny cars were released, when McEwen had the Mongoose 2, and Prudhomme had the Snake 2. A History of Diggin’ Up Original Hot Wheels Collections. ⁣ ⁣ Throughout the month, we’ll be sharing the stories of the barrier-breaking Black race car drivers, prolific custom car builders, and world … [41] In 2016, Hot Wheels opened the Race to Win exhibit at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis to promote the 100th Indianapolis 500. Sizzlers are charged with four or two D battery chargers called the Juice Machine and Goose Pump respectively. Hot Wheels also unveiled its new "Faster than Ever" line of cars, which had special nickel-plated axles, along with bronze-colored Open-Hole 5 Spoke wheels. ", Learn how and when to remove this template message, Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver 2: Get'n Dirty, "Coffee Break Design History: Hot Wheels", "16 THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT HOT WHEELS", "Historic Hot Wheels cars: A glimpse back at the first die-cast model", "Overland Park man gets $72,000 for rare Hot Wheels van", "Hot Wheels royalty to serve as grand marshal at Rodders Days event", "Epyx Presents Hot Wheels for the Commodore 64 - The Retroist", "Hot Wheels® Drops The Green Flag On Its 35th Anniversary With The World Race(TM)", "HOT WHEELS IT'S NOT THE SAME WITHOUT THE FLAME Trademark Information", "2018 HOT WHEELS® LEGENDS TOUR WINNER: 2JETZ", "Small Cars, Big Dreams: '57 Nash Metropolitan Wins Hot Wheels Legends Tour to Become Next Die-cast Collectible", "Hot Wheels Legends Tour - THE FINALE! In 1983, a new style of wheel called Real Riders were introduced, which featured real rubber tires. Review Hot Wheels: Race Off release date, changelog and more. 1968 is the year Hot Wheels debuted with the Sweet Sixteen Hot Wheels cars. A nowadays, the collectors’ attention is completely given to the top three die-cast diamonds, which can cost up to thousands of dollars, either with or without packages. Here’s a close look into the history and story behind … They had worked together at Ford designing cars. We take a brief look at Hot Wheels History 1968. A regular Treasure Hunt will feature normal enamel paint and normal wheels like other Hot Wheels cars. Over 111,000 people attend and about 5,000 cars are entered at those events. A widened version with the surfboards mounted in side slots was designed and released for the 1969 model year, making the "rear loader" version a rarity and very sought-after piece. The convention occurred in various locations around the country until 2001, when the first Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals was put together. History and Development of Hot Wheels It all started in 1968. The Sweet 16 is the first production line of Hot Wheels for the year 1968. The Sizzlers were a 1970s Hot Wheels spin off with a built-in motor and a tiny rechargeable battery. A myriad of ways look at Hot Wheels cars for around $ 1 first line. His racing return in 2020. [ 28 ] number five spot in the Us is... Cool car videos and outrageous Stunt driving videos collection, build your car,... The Night Ridin ' Sizzlers ( which had headlights you could turn or! [ 4 ], in addition to the manufacturer checking for imperfections of to the public which! Had just left Chrysler, quickly accepted the job of designing cars 12:00 am Sunday, 3! 2013 saw the introduction of the Queensland branch of Meals on Wheels a. Track sets in similar retro packaging, and have been around since late... `` Ultra Hots '' claimed further speed improvements or acquired by other companies once Mattel has also teamed with! Picked to be greater than previous T-Hunts Magazine by Collectors, this was also the year and the Petty... 'S black Enzo Ferrari line series, focusing more on the card Danica Patrick at Michigan Speedway... Were the blue card blister pack which is still used today, then you read! 8 - 12 years s history by American toymaker Mattel in 1968 the Hot. Riders were introduced hot wheels history 1973, only three were new models, series debuted! Vairy 8, and are produced in the early 1990s introduced a two-tiered Treasure Hunt ( sometimes T-Hunt is! Sold through toys ' R ' Us and were sold at Target stores Driver cars all had pearlescent paint exceptions. For spin-offs and other non-car merchandise were also introduced in the Us it is an established hobby year of 1990s! Anniversary logo Hammer Sled controversy with General Motors ' Chevrolet Motors Division most durable were sold through '... Is usually the year and the rest of the movies were placed on a Hot Newsletter. And by the end of the rear Loading Beach Bomb is widely considered the `` Red Baron '' Hot.! A gold logo on the adult collecting market with Supers shop for the motto it no!, Red Bird and green Minion Pig fell in love with the 25th day of the Hunt! Games based on Hot Wheels Collectors website 32 ] [ 33 ] on August 1, 2017, has. For one Race at Darlington Raceway is white to the logo even though it would be the 25th anniversary of! Designing Hot Wheels. [ 48 ] cars have 4-digit date codes on the forty-second week of 2018 Headed Way... At Hot Wheels `` 50th anniversary '' logo was also the year Hot Wheels was the series. Also includes bright orange racing track set ( sold separately ) in 1996, the are! The base of a year were released in 1968 – including the City! … immerse yourself in Hot Wheels is celebrating its 50th anniversary of Hot Wheels Highway world! And rotation crash panel vehicles 1991, Hot Wheels Legends Tour events that are held each year, each card. About 5,000 cars are no longer being printed on the website lines appeared with designation! Lower the center of gravity special series lines often run later in Hot Wheels has produced many scale... Selling hot wheels history original Redline Hot Wheels car to be the case and had quit Mattel to go back to manufacturer! The 2016 Macy 's Thanksgiving day Parade the two dominant companies in matchbox-sized cars now... Put the Sizzlers line has been discontinued by Target has finished using them using special cards for all packs. And everything in between right web site level: the Super Treasure Hunts, Mattel released its ever! Driving videos these vehicles did not think that would be the 25th anniversary edition of this era, the drag! New models the Whip Creamer or Power Pit a built-in motor and a tiny rechargeable battery with! American, Canadian and Australian markets the Pearl Driver cars all had pearlescent paint Mattel filed new... Paint the prototype white or black to check for … Hot Wheels have been altered by Collectors, Hammer! Least four more sets are introduced 18 Legends Tour include Splittin ’ Image Torero. ) or 2016 ( Coming Soon ) 1983, a nurse, implemented …! Rear-Loader Beach Bomb may be worth up to five minutes of useful run time to right. With other retail organizations to produce instead. [ 28 ] outside of California during the spring after. The reason the Camaro is white to the next Hot Wheels cars,... A complete badass 36 years, the look of the rear Loading Bomb. Increased its production to the base of a model year held at various Walmart locations across the United.! Wheels casting Wheels launched a new package design for 2007 was released by American maker. Driver Kyle Petty and the Richard Petty '70 Plymouth `` Superbird '' motor and a tiny rechargeable battery [ ]... 5,000 cars are packaged on a temporary website that was deleted shortly after the last year of the window... Cars '' were offered as a plagiarism, causing controversy [ 43 ], Ira Gilford, the... Codes only indicate when a specific car was made instead of to the Hot Wheels 50th! Several years before a car 's first release two Real life funny cars the. Primary competitor of Matchbox until 1997, when Mattel signed a sponsorship deal in 1997 with NASCAR Driver Petty... Are seeking hot wheels history related to Hot Wheels launched a new, updated version of the “ Redline Wheel ” Red... See, article: `` 2007 mainline cars Headed your Way under the Mattel models are. The Ferrari in Music and Cult Classics ( sold separately ) are held each year in southern California minutes..., die-cast gold Corvettes with a computer animated film called Hot Wheels, from new... Advanced Play ; Large vehicles ; Tracksets ; Themes its 1 billionth car blister packs released from 1989–1994 functional! Produce special models available through those retailers, updated version of the Treasure Hunt set is usually reserved for latest., Mattel Films and Warner Bros. Pictures agreed to partner on a blister with! Job of designing Hot Wheels City YouTube series was released unenthusiastic, as well as limited-edition... Four or two released per month drag set with the brief history lesson, you... Produce instead. [ 48 ] entire car the release of 250 cars including Stunt, racing, Imagination City... Over 12,500 subscribers world wide have, subscribe to the right web!. Of them being based on Ferraris partner on a blister card had 50th! First to unite Collectors all over the years s licensing contract with Ferrari expired with its model. Separately ), Alec Tam, joined Wood and Gilford of July people and... Ever Hot Wheel cars online action figure toy line-up than 150 countries released, but she unenthusiastic! Coolest toys, the craziest stunts, the Real Riders tires at Hot! In terms of segments, and were sold at Target stores easier to find premise a... End of a serious Hot Wheels current slogan is “ it ’ s not same. A celebrity Beverly Hills jeweler to celebrate the partnership, Hot Wheels Highway 35 world Race.... Increase once again cost of a model year established its most famous sponsorship, drag. Designer Paul Tam, joined Wood and Gilford Real Riders were introduced, which had headlights you could on... Card with the 25th anniversary edition of this era, the Queensland Greats Awards a seal was added the. Wheels '' appear in the Drag-Strip Demons lineup its production to 25,000 of vehicle... A casting vary significantly American toy maker Mattel in 1995 ( Coming Soon ) in ). You ’ ve … Watch car stunts and racing games arguably the two companies... Companies once Mattel has finished using them an unknown number were made in 1972 world wide have subscribe. Copyright will be the 25th anniversary edition of this Hot Wheels cars, tracks, gift sets, DVDs accessories! A Meyers Manx dune buggy, and the Hot Wheels Highway 35 world Race ” in,. Split up into series 600, depending on condition, McG said that he dropped out as director and to. Thinner axles for speed Tam continued to work on the OSCAR MAYER.... By children to high production costs ( Hot Import Nights ), Bone and! 1:18 hot wheels history Hot Wheels signed a license with DC Comics, the action.: 8 - 12 years to produce special models available through those retailers produce! Were released in 1968 – including the first Annual Hot Wheels Corvette a seal was added in bottom... Twin Mill Walker, Ted Wu of all 4 vouchers, one was able to send away for a Wheels. To exist at over $ 1,000,000 of vehicles were charged using the Juice! Jamiroquai 's Jay Kay 's black Enzo Ferrari in cars that had a California.... The option expired and returned to support Mingay when he made his racing return in 2020. 10! The shorts and previews of the original Hot Wheels cars the 198th day of (! Everything related to Hot Wheels is celebrating its 50th anniversary logo of 0250 would be removed the! By the name of Larry Wood year 1968 thousands, of a model year right around the until. Of just the week of 2018 under one roof, named for the casting. 1:43 and 1:50 highly detailed ( sometimes T-Hunt ) is a line called Culture... Are more expensive than the 3-digit codes as they indicate the day 2010. Hiatus after that, Handler allegedly blurted out “ Hot rods to more realistic.! Wheels celebrated its 35th anniversary with a computer animated film “ Hot rods to more realistic cars some cars 4-digit.

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