Subject Verb Agreement Holt Handbook Answers

Menu on Course Plan Print Answer Key NAME CLASS DATE FOR CHAPTER 8: AGREEMENT Pages 155-56 Verbal Subject Agreement: Compound Topics As you remember, a subject indicates who or what is a sentence. Sometimes two or more subjects form a composite subject. SS SV EXAMPLE Kevin, Diane and Mr. McBay teach football in my summer camp. [Kevin, Diane and Mr. McBay form a composite subject because the three people teach.] Topics Related to and 8g. Topics linked by a plural verb and which usually take a plural verb. VS S EXAMPLE Spring and autumn are your favourite season? [Spring and fall are bound by and by. The pluralistic verb corresponds to the subject composite feather and case.] REMINDER The first verb helping in a verb sentence should match the theme. EXAMPLE buses and the metro have long been affordable ways to get to the city. [The verb was. The pluralistic aid verb corresponds to the composite theme of buses and subways.] Copyright © of Holt, Rinehart and Winston. All rights reserved.

EXERCISE A Circle the verb in parentheses that corresponds to the composite theme highlighted in each of the following sentences. Example 1. (Have, have you) you and your father finished your back-to-school shopping? [The themes that you and the father are related and, so that the verb helping must be plural.] 1. Stores and warehouses of sporting goods (warehouses, warehouses) what we need. [Are the themes related and?] 2. Before school starts, my mother and I (shop, shops) for school needs. 3. Four pairs of socks and a vest (cost, cost) twenty-five dollars.

4. Pencils and gums (help, help) in all my compartments. 5. These jeans and baseball caps (are, are) useful things to buy. Topics related by Gold or nor 8h. Singular subjects bound by or even a singular verb. S SV EXAMPLE Either Mike or Shelby is sitting in this seat. [The singular verb sits and corresponds to the Mike unit and the Shelby unit.] Sometimes these two pairs of words are displayed: either . . .

or, and not either. . Always. Developmental Language Skills 59 Menu On Course Lesson Plan Print Answer KeyNAME CLASS DATEfor CHAPTER 8: AGREEMENT pages 155-56 continuedEXERCISE B Circle the verb in parentheses that agrees with the underlined compound subject in each of the following sentences. Example 1. (Ont, a) washed either the car or the van? [The different car and carrier topics are or, so the helping verb must also be singular.] 6. Aunt Edna or my cousin Connie have tickets to the musical. [Are the subjects singularly? Are the themes connected to or not?] 7. Either oregano or basil (is, are necessary) for this recipe. 8.

(East, Is) soup or salad included in the meal? 9. Either Carlton or his brother (Plan, Plant) the prince of music for the party.10 Neither the cat nor the dog (how, likes) drive in the car.8i. When a single subject and a plural subject are linked by or not, the verb corresponds to the subject that is close to the verb. S SV EXAMPLES A sandwich or grape make a good snack. [The plural-subject grape is closer to the verb make.