Tax Preparer Contractor Agreement

This is an example agreement on high value for individual tax preparation services, which includes cost-saving technologies and procedures to save time and money while maintaining a high level of professional service (revised on 07.02.2019 for 2018 tax returns). RE-OPENING AND AMENDING THE TAX RETURN: In some cases, it becomes necessary or advisable to respond to a notification or change the tax return. In this case, I may be available on request for additional services. The terms of this service and the cost of this service are not covered by this contract. Please note that the cost of changing a tax return can be significant; sometimes exceed the cost of preparing the initial tax return. The tax advisor must be professional, eager to learn and have received or received a PTIN number … Type of employment: full-time, part-time, temporary work, contract, Supplement Commission: – Premium salary Special circumstances known at the time of the development of this agreement and contained in this agreement: none. TIMING OF WORK: The timing of this commitment is crucial. Unless otherwise stated, as stated in the „Special Circumstances“ section below, completion of this work is expected on or before the notification date. The work as part of this commitment begins with the signing and delivery of the contract and the payment of the invoice online. The completion date of the work depends in large part on the date of transmission of the requested information. I will provide written information on the expected completion of the work date, audit date and filing date. I will also provide written information on any changes to the expected data within 48 hours of such a change.

EARLY END OF ENGAGEMENT: If any of us are experiencing unexpected difficulties in carrying out the tasks under this agreement, we may choose to terminate this commitment by a written notification prior to the period described above in the „End of Commitment“ section. There may be a reason for early resignation or not, and we can see that dismissal for no reason is in our collective interest to avoid further conflicts. In the event of early termination, the engagement fee is reduced to half the amount described in the „Fees“ section above. All work will be completed in place of termination and the provisions in the „Work to Do“ section above will no longer apply. We both recognize that these simple provisions of this „Early End of Engagement“ section must be used as a compromise agreement previously agreed upon to resolve a potentially distressing situation in the event of unforeseen circumstances. IF EVENT OF AUDIT: Your tax returns can be selected by the tax authorities for verification. All corrections proposed by the comptroller are subject to certain rights of appeal. Procedures and representation fees are not included in this agreement and this agreement does not ensure that I will be available for representation at a review. FRAIS SUPPLÉMENTAIRES: Unless we have not obtained another system of written royalties, an additional fee of $15 is charged if the payment is made in cash, in manual cheque or if the payment is not made before the end of the engagement. There is an additional charge for processing the paper as described below.