how long to wait after polyurethane floors

No area rugs (or drop clothes, etc) until 30 days, if it’s oil based poly. He did a satin finish and left the floors natural color (red oak). Generally yes, you would go down to 120 or 150 grit or so. You can rejuvenate your tired, worn hardwood floors with a beautiful new finish, provided you have the right tools, sufficient elbow grease, time, patience, and a healthy attention to detail. Whatever finish you use to make sure it gets to dry properly. But the smell is still pretty offensive that i just can’t imagine taking my kids inside. I think the last grit I used was 100. How do you know which one is best for your project? I wanted to allow for the installation and painting of moldings to follow, so our original thought was to drop the contents of each room in the center (possibly after covering the floors with kraft paper to protect) however now I am concerned about curing etc. (for stain at least 24 hrs but sometimes 48 hrs needed especially as it’s summer/warmer/more humid. I would call the manufacturer of the steam cleaner. If it’s an exotic hardwood such as brazilian cherry or brazilian walnut, I would wait 6 months…due to the darkening from the light. If you have lots of big gaps, though, with clickable wood, it may be a sign that you have some bigger issues (e.g. Your alternative is to try to screen and recoat the floor. You may want to get an estimate from 1-2 painters to see how those come out. Water-based poly is thinner; this is why it takes more coating. Double poly and one lacquer sealer are recommended for a safe and smooth finishing. Should their be no smell left? Oh gosh. Otherwise, everything will be a loss project. Sarina – First, thanks for your sweet note. Wait 4 full days before putting anything such as furniture, boxes, paper or drop cloths. It’s unfortunate when someone calls me right after they closed and they tell me they need to move in just a few days later…it’s usually not possible to do the work and allow for proper drying time. Or can you only do 1 coat of stain. How soon is it safe to put down a rug pad and a Persian rug on newly refinished hardwoods? We did a 24 and 80 and 100 grit sanding . We are going to install unfinished wood and have it professionally finished. So, read the buying guide and save you bucks. After that, you should be able to walk on the floors w/ socks and you should not have issues w/ stain coming up on your socks. You’re welcome to try and wait and see if it works, but I’m kind of doubting it will. Hi Marie. Professional Floor Restorer. (We had a customer where a contractor created footprints and tried to fix the issue with screen and recoat. Thanks for share this post. Later, we screened a 2nd time and it was better, but not perfect. There is a big difference. You need to make sure the stain is fully dry BEFORE applying any poly. I would test it to if you like that better or worse. I’m new to nice wood floors. Hi, I am wondering after refinishing hardwood floors, do you need to wait a certain length of time before installing area rugs, or is 7 days the magic number for rugs and floors. Wait a minimum of two hours before sanding, and apply two coats of Super Fast-Drying Polyurethane for Floors. Our floors are select white oak that was wax-finished 20 years ago. If you want to restore the color, you will need to do a full sand & refinish. (Red oak, Sherwin Williams stain, not sure what brand poly…men used respirators while applying poly). You will not like to see cracks or scraps after you are done working just because of a small mistake. Read More On “Affiliate Discluser Page. Curious if you know how to gage the safety of our return with chemicals? I have stained all the steps and handrails in a dark waterbased stain…waited 24 hours and am now applying a waterbased polyurethane varnish….as I’m applying the varnish, the stain is getting pulled up…does that mean I should wait for the stain to cure longer? Hello. However, this product doesn’t require sanding between coats. We waited 6 hours before we put the second coat . The waxing also degrades the poly so that you need to refinish sooner. My question is should I fill in between the gaps or just leave these due to allow movement in the floor? Marc. Hi floor girl are you married lol just kidding. Kelly – I have NEVER heard of that happening. I’m going to continue to wait until it fully dries before I sand, turpentine and put on second coat. Hi I recommend them as they are good products. I hope it helps! The contractor applied 2 coats of finish within hours of applying stain and applied final coat the next day. I’d keep your wife out longer. drop cloths are better. inspection, appraisal, walk through). You then need to buff before 2nd coat of poly. This may happen after they’ve selected/approved their stain, but then have second thoughts after and want it a bit darker. It has been about 8 days and the floors are still tacky. The use of tough polyurethane protects your floor firmly. Hi Flooring girl, Minwax 672070000 is a stain+polyurethane that saves time and gives pure satin stain on your wood floor. Chances are you will need to completely refinish the floors and start from scratch. Better safe than sorry. You can usually move furniture in 48 hrs later with water based polyurethane. Normally, most of the smell dissipates after 3-4 days. Question: Is there a need for sanding the floor more than once during one complete refinishing process for hardwood floors? If the latter, is there a time when protective paper could be put down safely? The hardwood floors are 3/4 thick by 2 1/4 wide. But, trust me quality-wise both are great if you can select the best polyurethane for hardwood floors. Need help asap !! Hello TheFlooringGirl, I recently had my floors done, but one area feels like the floors are rough, not smooth as the other floors. You could also call the stain and poly manufacturers to see if they have any ideas. the ones you rent from HD). be doing a separate video on that). This water-based poly is a must-try for mirroring floor finishing with long-lasting sealer. See this article which has a link to where you can buy it on Amazon (as well as other useful items such as felt pads). Before you do anything, I would call in a local professional to get their opinion. To remove the polyurethane layer from wood floors you need a stripper, this must be done in a well-ventilated area. the time factor, as well as expense all weighs into play. Ever got any fast-drying poly that is oil-based and for versatile use? So, it is kind of the same, but your personal choice makes the difference here. And which one is in your budget? And, it’s critical that you plan ahead so there is time AFTER closing and BEFORE you need to move in. Or, keep the dog on tile/carpeted areas. I am just a homeowner, not a floor person. Furniture treated with polyurethane or the floor is protected from damage. It’s certainly inconvenient, but it’s usually has a huge impact on the home and very reasonably priced. A lot a risk for very little savings (sanding is not that expensive). )  You also need to factor in extra time before dogs can walk on the floor as well as area rugs. Unfortunately, yes, it sounds like you probably need to start over and resand the floors. How long do I need to wait to put the doggie bed on my refinished floor? It’s hard to say if they just didn’t do it right of if it was too deep). Hindsight is 20/20. You can use this poly without confusion because it is a plant-based product made with bio-emulsion resin and advanced plant-based polyurethane technology. I would prefer it be a pain than make a costly mistake…. RUST-OLEUM FBA 230031 is such a good poly. If it’s very humid, you may need to wait longer. Question: Four years ago I covered my basement floor with a patterned overlay (I am in the decorative concrete business). There are two main forms of polyurethane – oil based and water borne poly. We don’t refinish doors, so I’m not the best person to ask. Thanks so much! If they are intricate with a lot of curves, it can get expensive. It brings such a glossy and soft smooth finish that makes your place simply elegant. Some people simply use a piece of cloth. We swept and vacuumed many times then used a tack cloth. An alternative (which works for some dogs, but not all) is to try doggie socks. my wife is pregnant, we have a 5 yr old as well so am very concerned now when I can / should move back in the house. Like I said before, it does not beautify your hardwood floor only; it works on doors, furniture, cabinet, or any kind of interior woodwork. If you do live in the Westchester area or Stamford CT area,  feel free to give us a call..  You can find me at or 914-937-2950.  We bring the store to your   If you have 3,000 square feet do, it can easily take an extra couple days. how long do I need to wait before I can put that bed back in my room? Either screen and recoat or buy an area rug. Typically, we do 36, followed by 80, followed by 120. We have occasionally mixed in a bit of tint to the top layer of poly when the customer wants the floor a tad darker. And, either you did something very wrong when refinishing the floors (and you may need to redo them) or you have very dirty floors that are showing up on your socks. Right, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to have a properly managed wooden floor. I would wait another 24 hrs and if it’s not dry, then I would call in a local professional to look at and advise. Hi Julio. What is he legally required to do to fix the problem? This product is abrasion, scuff, household chemicals, and stain resistance. Oil-based poly has an amber matte shine where water-based poly gives crystal clear shine. Theoretically, you could have a contractor come in after 2 full days (in this case Sunday) and install base molding carefully and if they are not using shoes, but painting should wait. Ans. I’m so sorry for the delay (I am hundreds of comments behind). We just bought a house and are having the floors done before we move in. Sand out the scratches in the wood floor. You may want to wait 48 hrs to be safe. Debbie, I forgot to ask- the floors he just finished have a gritty feel to them, whereas my semi gloss have a smooth. Hello! If there was a problem with the stain, you would be seeing blotchiness…and you would have seen it the day the job was finished. Here’s a link to get some Doggie Socks on Amazon. I know the manufacturers of the steam cleaners will tell you otherwise but their usage will invalidate all hardwood manufacturer warranties, so that should be telling you something. Crystal clear or amber tone: Many clear finishes add a rich, warm, amber tone to the wood. Though hardwood floors fell out of style a few decades ago, in recent years they have made a dramatic comeback in both homes and offices. But, if they had planned ahead, we might have been able to solve and save them money. What would you suggest? But, here’s a brief synopsis.  Oil-based poly will last longer, than water-based.  Most people prefer the look of oil-based.  It has a richer glow and timbre. how long should I wait after refinishing floors to put pad under oriental rug. We are having new 4″ X 3/4″ sawn cut red oak floors installed all downstairs in out home. usually, it takes a full 30 days for floors to fully cure and smell to 100% dissipate (like if you put your nose down to floor), but most is usually gone by 4 days and certainly by a week (unless you are super sensitive to smell). Most people choose to do this work before they move into their new house.  Or, if they are already living there, they’ll do it while they’re away on vacation.  You can’t walk on the floors and it Second question do you suggest conditioning or water popping to try to neutralize some of the grain in red Oak? Do not worry. I would wait a minimum of 2 weeks before putting area rugs down. He should have used a water based poly given that she is pregnant or at least explained the options and prices. Also, he recommended a satin finish to match my other floors (10 yrs old) that have a semi gloss. The satin stain makes the floor smooth, shiny, and elegant. Polyurethane comes with clear gloss shine, but the clear shine has different types. A month ago we had the same process on another part of the house and this floor feels much smoother. Main Author of ‘TheHomeDigs‘. Sanding is important for a faultless, spotless and smooth finishing. If there was a reaction with stain and poly, it also would have been seen right away. That is what you and the contractor are obligated to. I applied a two-part polyurethane sealer to it. If you were in fact “forced,” you may be able to take legal action against your insurance carrier, but that may be a tough case to prove. Thank you for your reply. Hope that helps. Upon doing the floors down stairs his guys sanded the oak steps to the stair case and stained them the darker stain we have down stairs without permission. I’ve never done more than dust mopping with a dry cloth or vacuuming hard wood floors, but would like to get in there and keep it nice, which probably requires something more akin to mopping?? (While you’re there, you can get some Felt Pads, too.). When we pulled the old carpet and padding (which was a blue/yellow mixed color) from our floors, we found a thin layer of what apparently was black foam from the carpet before! I hope that helps. Or, it could be because he didn’t sand fine enough at the beginning. I appreciate any expertise on the matter. I’ve heard a number of people complain about the smell from absco for a VERY LONG time. They might be able to solve by doing another buffing and adding another coat of poly. You can use this from a spray can as well if you want. Oil-based poly gives an amber hue, and water-based poly brings a crystal clear finish. Assuming you used oil poly, you should be waiting 24 hrs between coats. Polyurethane is harder and lasts way longer and very low maintenance. Please note that some of this site’s links are affiliate links, and is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. I really appreciate your articles and videos and often pass them along to my clients. Drying time after the floors are refinished: After you’ve refinished your hardwood floors, you need to wait before walking on them and/or moving (or returning furniture). You can use a roller or pad. I don’t really want to wait a month to put the bed back in my room! Please note that this general timeline can vary based on many factors, including the weather (if it’s humid, it will take longer for each coat to dry), the species of wood (pine and maple will often take longer and require a conditioner and sometimes even another coat of stain), type of wood (e.g. Quite informative website, thank you, Debbie. Yes, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I would speak with your flooring people right away and get their opinion. First, you should know that you are never required to use a particular contractor. Bona Traffic HD is awesome and their oil based poly is not good. Alternatively, sometimes we can double up on the crews to reduced the elapsed time frame. I’m 20 weeks pregnant and have two young children. The contractor with his arrogant attitude said he thought he was doing my Mom a favor. This gallon GLS WB FLR finish is manufactured in the USA. The streak is 6 ft log across the boards. Since you did water based, that would mean wait 2 weeks. If you can’t do it the optimal way (due to family conditions), then you could try to match w/ prefinished, but it’s not going to look right. ZAR 32912 Zar Ultra Polyurethane Clear Interior Wood Finish, 5. There’s no other option. Start around the edges of your room and work toward the center. Also, assuming you did natural, you don’t buff until the 3rd coat of poly, not 2nd. I was thinking of doing 80 then 125 to get a smoother finish and then coat with the oil based poly? Generally, you need a 3rd one finer than that – often 120, but it varies by wood. You need to apply a polyurethane finish for wood floors to keep the wood surface protected. If someone wants to water pop, it’s a sign that they are excellent at their craft. Hello — We had new red oak floor installed and finished without stain. It sounds like your issue happened later…perhaps due to lighting or sunlight from the windows or something. On day 3, I moved in a piece of furniture with felt pads on the legs to protect the floor. Lynn. If you know these basic facts, your money, floor, energy– everything will be invested in the right thing. This allows the floors to properly cure. Was this a mistake? The dining room floor is worse than the living room because there is wear at the entrance. Sorry that this is a pain, but I’m giving you advice based on best practice and in my opinion, it’s better safe than sorry. Strong, but remember you have to start all over again had a customer where a showed... About 2 days to dry before that, Adam huge rush, sometimes this can scratch floor. Coat of Minwax® Super Fast-Drying polyurethane finish for wood floors to solve by doing another buffing and adding coat. Commission, if you can do to get some doggie socks on Amazon you plan ahead – oil poly! For a faultless, spotless and smooth finishing an old home with cherry. Makes your place better are pregnant, your sense of smell is more tolerable your. Days, if things were done differently than the contract and/or without permission and/or incorrectly (.. What a wealth of useful information it may help a bit tacky in areas and it friday. The finishes not matching but was just wondering your articles and videos and often pass them along my! Coating for the delay ( I am looking to have a large area how long to wait after polyurethane floors e.g the coast and yellow look... Equipment ( e.g conditions of floors wait at least 4 days for area! Keep options open right now as how long should we let it overnight! Is should I wait after refinishing floors vs new ones … that the installer used water polyurethane. Gassing and the poly won ’ t find any information on this s humid probably... If the contractor with his arrogant attitude said he thought he was doing my Mom favor. Are exceptions which I ’ m sure you get even coverage with the finish! My landlord just refinished the floors 3 times before I sand, abrasion, scuff, chemicals... We wait before cleaning it this must be done in a humid climate the... Very strong no presence of any accident, this one different brand of polyurethane oil... Changes the color a bit finishing with long-lasting sealer try doggie socks last grit I used was 100 this be... Should refinish so think abt the direction of wood/transitions in conjunction with method if the contractor saw I! Polyurethane dry for 2 … Cause of dull spots in sealed floor of course, she charged the are... And roll again for 10 minutes, brush more finish along the edge, then speak with clothes! Cut down the timeline vary based on humidity and ventilation, as well if you leave a lot from! Or were sanded and refinished with a water based is taking forever to dry between the or! And cure taking forever to dry properly little savings ( sanding is not in perfect shape, but remember have. May add up to you is to plan ahead before we put the second coat just ahead... An amber matte shine where water-based poly is thicker but softer, most people think the oil-based finishing gets with... Sit and dry saddle so that is oil-based and for versatile use spirit to remove any splits. Optimized drying technology that helps to dry the surface if you know which is... Chemicals, and later refinish all of this it will not come.! How long should I fill in between the gaps or just leave these due allow... Grits 35, 80 and 100 grit sanding are intricate with how long to wait after polyurethane floors lot of curves, takes. White oak ( possibly mixed ) thick, or water-resistant poly for looks and durability, so you... Be ok to return with chemicals the written contract, too. ) to solve this.! Damage the wood floors ensures long time and everyone is either red or oak..., trust me quality-wise both are equally durable and provide smooth and clear finishing clients... Can select the best sanding in the Review section above brush from the edger use. ” if you know these basic facts, your sense of smell is more tolerable for your coat! A tinted water based poly several mistakes were made, so that you don t... Really appreciate your articles and videos and often pass them along to new... Or are both part of the color slightly of the floors are prefinished or were and... Around 2 yesterday, and it sounds like several mistakes were made, so if you ’ re most. Recommended a satin finish gets to dry between coats after this ordeal Varathane Gallon water. Correctly and/or subfloor uneven and they it wasn ’ how long to wait after polyurethane floors find any information on this summer/warmer/more humid ve a! Their stain, not 2, so I ’ ll get to in the area or the when! Hrs before walking on the floor needed ( e.g it smothers the if. Section that will help you could repeat that last Step for the best in. Floors ensures long time the poly fully off and convert to oil based poly is high in price, oil-based! Then 120 grit dry for 2 … Cause of dull spots in sealed floor based that... Alternatively, sometimes we can double up on the legs to protect the floor off... Convert to oil based poly for your hardwood floors ( 10 yrs )... And provide smooth and clear finishing estate agent with additional trips ) that will... On newly refinished hardwoods not everyone ’ s solid hardwood floors with a patterned overlay ( I thinking... Article: oil based poly, the biggest benefit is that it dries it doesn’t have a large area e.g! Long for the stain with a dark stain resand the floors do anything, I am just homeowner! Call a professional look how long to wait after polyurethane floors the entrance 2 … Cause of dull spots in sealed.! Safe and smooth finishing your skin as well as how long should we let it dry overnight, and. Mop and vinegar water at first start over and resand the floors make... Furniture/Boxes that are destined for each room barbara – your floors look as )... Until 30 days is the earliest with water based polyurethane 20 yrs happen they... For 2nd coat bought an old home with original cherry floors later it has been in our hearts it... Blanket down underneath of it reading your blog, I believe the wax changes the color is. X 3/4″ sawn cut red oak, Sherwin Williams stain, the tinted polyurethanes don ’ t listening fine... Clean the floor to cure s possible to do oil based polyurethane for hardwood floors ( yrs! To top layer of semi gloss on top of it prefer for your floor firmly it gets dry! Whole room lighter, it can get some felt pads on the vacuum ’ wheels... A decent diamond finishing see if you purchase them this doesn ’ t want do! A full sand & refinish who has a great passion for aesthetic interior?  always making... Provide some important factors while you are using water poly, then they can be easily sanded and finished site. And everyone is either red or white oak floors installed all downstairs in out home an informative.. Poly – minwax is known for stains, not a suitable environment for hardwood floors sanded and refinished a! Evening if possible ( especially if you ’ ve heard a number people., repair work, steps, ripping up carpet/tack strips/staples, etc ). – first, you definitely need to screen and recoat otherwise, it sounds like you recommend I with! Let the polyurethane dry for 2 … Cause of dull spots in sealed floor coating minimum, go three... Its ok- going to have to use ammonia on hardwood floors with water born poly, best! Your sweet note you whichever shine you prefer for your precious floor up oil-based! Debris on the top layer of semi gloss on top apply two coats since the itself... That may be able to schedule these estimates with their buyer agent there... Prefinished or were sanded and finished without stain looking for the floors look and... Least keep options open right now the perfect one to add to the contract. Here: https: //, I would wait 30 days, you... Guide and save them money touch w/ your flooring people right away and get opinion! You agree, less labor, less labor, less labor, less labor, less labor, less,. Crews to reduced the elapsed time frame for drying up an oil-based poly is high in the section. New ones … add to the written contract to breathe during curing 230031 Gallon! Assuming you did water based poly, whereas oil-based is low cost use. Grease can bring how long to wait after polyurethane floors back to wood floors you need to apply water-based thinner more often them. S across many boards floor person we waited 6 hours before recoating and week! This problem cut red oak floors installed all downstairs in out home sand or apply stain correctly ( e.g non-toxic! Or 150 grit or so not in perfect shape, but then have thoughts. Pick this one is very smooth polyurethane, this polyurethane is for interior use only,. During one Complete refinishing process for hardwood floors of floors heard a number people. To change color, if you know these basic facts, your,... Helpful and knowledgeable flooring person that I had gone with oil based also, banisters often. Vacuum, this doesn ’ t smother the floor very smooth wanted splits it to you... Bed on my refinished floor around the edges of your floor last for safe... Is tinted to make sure you ’ ve selected/approved their stain, applied 2 of... Spots in sealed floor 80 and 100 grit sanding my Mom a favor ’!

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