Inspections Agreement Form

11. If the CLIENT requests a new inspection, the new inspection is subject to all the conditions set out in this agreement. The standard re-inspection fee is $125.00 per visit. Customer agrees that all re-inspection fees are payable before documents for a new inspection are disclosed. The audit fee is charged to the CLIENT, unless both parties agree to separate agreements. 2. Unless this or that agreement is incompatible or possible, INSPECTOR undertakes to carry out the inspection in accordance with current standards of practice of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, which it. Although INSPECTOR agrees to follow InterNACHI`s practical standards, THE CLIENT understands that these standards contain certain restrictions, exceptions and exclusions. THE CLIENT also understands that InterNACHI is not a party to the agreement and that InterNACHI has no control over INSPECTOR or INSPECTOR representations and does not monitor INSPECTOR. Unless otherwise stated below, the CLIENT understands that INSPECTORATE will NOT test the presence of radon – a colourless, odourless radioactive gas that can be harmful to humans.

Unless otherwise stated below, the CLIENT understands that INSPECTOR is NOT tested for mold. Unless there is any other separate indication, THE CLIENT is aware that INSPECTORATE will not verify compliance with applicable construction rules or the presence of potential risks related to asbestos, lead paint, formaldehyde, mold, soil contamination and other environmental risks or other offences. 3. The inspection and report are carried out and prepared for the use of the CLIENT which authorizes INSPECTOR to discuss the observations with real estate agents, landlords, repairers and other interested parties. INSPECTOR assumes no responsibility for the use or misinterpretation by third parties. The inspection of the property and the corresponding report are in no way considered to be an explicit or tacit guarantee or a guarantee for the use, use, habitability or suitability of the house or its components. All explicit or unspoken safeguards, including guarantees of accessibility and adequacy for a specific purpose, are expressly excluded by this agreement to the extent most permitted by law. If a structure or part of a structure that needs to be verified in accordance with this Agreement is a log home, protocol structure or similar protocol structure, the CLIENT understands that these structures have unique characteristics that prevent an inspector from verifying and evaluating them through external visual control. The scope of the inspection to be carried out under this agreement therefore does not include the degradation of the interior of logs in wooden walls, wooden foundations or roofs, or similar defects that are not visible during external visual inspection.

1. INSPECTOR undertakes to carry out a visual check of the house/building and to provide the CLIENT with a written inspection report identifying the defects observed and considered essential by INSPECTOR. INSPECTOR may offer comments as a courtesy, but these comments do not contain the negotiated report. The report merely complements the seller`s disclosure. If a „water quality test“ is to be conducted, the customer acknowledges that the results can last up to 10 business days. 8. If a court declares a provision of this agreement invalid or unenforceable, the other provisions remain in force. This agreement is the whole agreement between the parties.

All advance notifications will be included in this agreement and there are no conditions other than those outlined in the agreement. No statement or commitment from INSPECTOR or its agents is binding unless they are reduced to the letter and signature by INSPECTOR. Changes or amendments are not enforceable against third parties unless the amendment or amendment is written and signed by the parties.