Dha Lease Agreement Edition 6B

We use the standard rental agreement that applies to the state or the area where the property is located. Investing with DHA – This property is for sale on behalf of a DHA owner and has a DHA (Defence Housing Australia) lease. Visit dha.gov.au to learn more about the benefits of investing in DHA real estate. In accordance with DHA regulations, we recommend that this accommodation be available only for private inspections and only for qualified buyers. The photos are provided as part of the DHA agreement and are only used to illustrate. The investment is subject to DHA`s rental conditions. All references to the lease are the DHA Lease Agreement Edition 6B. Investors retain certain responsibilities and risks, including fluctuations in the real estate market. Potential investors should be independently advised. The advice contained in this article is only general information and should not be considered financial advice.

When the lease expires, DHA ensures that your property is returned in good condition, cleaned professionally and that the land and landscaping are in good condition. This modern and safe apartment is leased to DHA (Defence Housing Australia) until December 2022 and offers investors security and security with a guaranteed income, regardless of whether the property is empty for the duration of the lease. With a large open kitchen, apartment and food, two good bedrooms and a large balcony in this stafford first class location. Just 8 km from the CBD, with a bus stop at your doorstep, less than 2km from tunnels and a simple walk to the shops, cafes, restaurants, Stafford City shopping centre and Kedron Brook bike path; It`s really an unbeatable unit in an unbeatable place. The contract explains how we take care of the property while we rent it. We have a group of real estate agents who understand our properties and our agreements. They offer competitive commission rates and advertising fees. The lease describes the responsibilities for: If you invest with us, you can choose a rental period corresponding to your personal situation. Our rental conditions are set. However, we can extend the duration of the rental for up to 12 or 36 months only once.

This beautiful four bedroom house is a blue chip investment. Currently leased to DHA (Defence Housing Australia) with guaranteed rent. The hotel is located in fast-growing north Lakes and surrounded by modern family homes and in front of a park. The hotel is close to everything you might need, including popular schools, shops and public transport. This home is the perfect blend of tranquility and comfort, with long-term security thanks to the advantage of the DHA lease until 2024 with an additional 3-year option to extend until 2027. This modern layout features a tiled living room and a bedroom with carpet. You will receive guaranteed rent from the Perfect Tenant (DHA) which offers a continuous long-term flow of income. A large cash flow is the key to a solid investment.

While independently acquired properties are subject to fluctuating rental demand, there is no risk of vacancy cost with your DHA property. Even if the property is rentless for a while, DHA still pays the rent as long as it is empty. If you would like to learn more about this accommodation or submit an offer, please contact Sharon or Viv by clicking the Contact Agent button or calling at any time. We`d like to discuss your real estate needs. Hudson Property – „Property done properly.“ Brisbanes Northern Growth Corridor is home to a large and rapidly growing population of about 390,000 in the neighbouring Moreton Bay area of Brisbane, which is expected to reach about 622,000 by 2031.