Vdo Agreement

Continuous cyclical production was established by a company-level negotiated agreement. The benefits for the company (productivity gains) and the benefits for employees (a reduction in weekly working hours and an increase in wages) have reconciled the needs of both parties and are an example of balanced flexibility. The concessions were made in exchange for a number of benefits for employees: significant wage increases, a reduction in weekly working hours and hiring insurance with an increase in the number of changes (from four to five). The shiftwork plan is linked to a monthly increase in gross wages of €250 (which is reviewed every two years). This means that employees who work in a continuous cycle work fewer hours, but earn more than those who do not work continuously. To cope with the increases in production, the agreement provides for the hiring of 16 new workers. When subcontractors (e.g. B for hosting, provision of data center space, operating software for the processing of personal data, etc.) are responsible for the collection, processing or use of the personal data described by Continental Automotive Trading UK Ltd, the implementation of technical and organisational measures by the relevant processor shall be governed by corresponding order processing agreements. The agreement is the result of a series of negotiations between workers, unions and management. .