Aqua Credit Agreement

As you can probably imagine, mentioning credits in your credit file can significantly reduce your creditworthiness. As a result, you may have difficulty obtaining credit facilities. Your payment freeze is not considered a missed payment by credit reference agencies, so it does not have a negative effect on your creditworthiness. Sign in below to access your Aqua loan data and download your documents. If you want to worry about refunds on your credit card account, please log in to your credit card`s online account manager or check your mobile app where you`ll find more information on deferring payments for 3 months. No no. This has no impact on your Aqua credit card, if you have one, it will continue to work as it has always done. „I can`t polite him. Easy to get with a bad credit rating and customer service was excellent. App is also easy to use.

Many people complain about the apr%, but if you make small purchases and pay each month the balance (basically, for which a credit builder card was designed), you do not receive a fee. I see some very annoying reviews that say that AQUA targets vulnerable people or encourages you to get a card. If you can`t manage your credit, it`s not a company`s fault. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your own transactions and you have to take some responsibility. Accusing an angry company is just a diversion. I`ve been in debt for a long time. It`s my fault I`ve been bad with money, no one else, people really need to control it. If you are on a credit builder card, then I would recommend this 100%. Launched with the $450 limit, increases after 3 months. Obviously, if your credit history is good, there are much better deals, but this product does what it is advertised to do, fine. A „Scattergun“ approach to applying to lenders can be very detrimental to your creditworthiness. This is because when you go to a lender, you do a credit check that is recorded in your credit report.

Too many of these credit checks in a short period of time will cause lenders to worry about lending you.