Mentoring Agreement Whs

The employee tutoring program aims to facilitate tutoring relationships, in which experienced employees offer their knowledge, discernment, perspective or wisdom in a mutually beneficial relationship of trust. Lead meeting planning, agenda preparation, meeting notes and actively transmitting agreed-upon actions between meetings. Pay attention to your mentor`s time and the agreed goals for the tutoring relationship. Being a mentor is a great opportunity to develop personal leadership, interpersonal and tutoring skills. It allows you to expand your professional networks and offers the opportunity to make a difference in a person`s career development. In the event that the mentor/mentor discovers that they are having difficulty advancing the objectives of the tutoring relationship or determining that they are not compatible, HR services will help to find an alternative arrangement. Be proactive in the tutoring relationship, clearly what you want to accomplish. Be frank and honest about goals and challenges, discuss things with your mentor, actively listen and ask questions. The values of the University of Cooperation and Integrity are integrated into the tutoring relationship. It is a relationship of mutual and respectful trust, in which mentors and mentors are both supportive, patient, open and honest, ready to discuss failures and successes and learn from those experiences. Normally, tutoring agreements would cover six months; However, mentors and mentors can extend this plan by mutual agreement. The tutoring relationship is a confidential agreement.

To build a relationship of trust that allows both parties to openly discuss topics and experiences, it is essential that the mentor and mentor engage and respect confidentiality. Mentors are experienced collaborators and positive role models who stimulate mentees to think independently and creatively and to develop innovative solutions. They are ready to be open and honest with their mentors in a constructive and respectful manner. Tutoring is a partnership between two collaborators in which a person with valuable skills, knowledge and/or experience shares their knowledge to help someone improve their professional and personal growth. The program is three to six months. Mentors and mentors are also invited to networking events. Companies from previous programs share their experience in these videos: HR Services will identify an appropriate mentor based on your expressions of interest. Mentoring and mentoring will be part of the matching process.

When deciding which places to meet, think about how the place supports a confidential conversation.