Java New License Agreement

As with all other Oracle programs, if you wish to use the Java program for purposes other than those expressly authorized in this OTN license agreement, you will need to acquire a valid license under a separate agreement allowing this use. Otherwise, it is important to note that Oracle has developed a licensing tool that requires a subscription. This is available free of charge by Oracle under the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) license so it can only be used for testing and development purposes. There is also a new release frequency in which new versions of Java features will be available every 6 months, which means that most versions will be at the end of life (EoL) after 6 months. As Oracle says: Java SE consists of several functions and components and under the terms of the Oracle binary code license license agreement, which are available for free. However, if any of the business functions developed by Oracle and made available with Java SE are used in a commercial, commercial or production environment, the corresponding license must be available. One of the most common business features is the MSI Enterprise JRE Install. Many end-users use it to distribute Java Runtime on desktops and laptops, but should be aware that a license is required when used for internal, production or commercial commercial purposes. However, if commercial functions are used to design, develop and test programs, no license is required. Oracle Java SE Subscription Price List: you can also run software applications designed with „Schedule B“ products for each use. For example, you can use Oracle Java SE to run an „insurance claim application“ made available to you by an insurance company that is an Oracle Forms licensee and used Oracle Forms to develop the application. If you are not sure that the software application you are using is qualified, please contact your application provider. Update on Java SE: javasubscriptionfaq-4891443.html Java Standard Edition version 11 (including JDK, JRE, JavaFX, JRockit JDK) will remain available for free as long as it is used for development, testing, prototyping and demonstration of your own developed applications.

If you use Java Standard Edition for information processing, business, trade or production purposes, such use must be authorized by Java 11. Alternatively, you can choose to use OpenJDK, but it`s up to your own organization to apply software updates continuously with the latest version. Oracle`s business license (perpetual) models will no longer exist; Instead, Oracle will launch the right to use certain commercial features and provide its support services as part of subscriptions: Java SE Advanced and Java SE Advanced Desktop Subscriptions.