Adding A Roommate To A Lease Agreement

And also remember that if your lease explicitly states that no roommate is allowed, you could be evacuated by adding a roommate in violation of that clause. But it never hurts to ask, because the owner could make an exception under the right circumstances. Before you write to your landlord to tell them that you want to add an additional roommate, check your rental agreement. Your rental agreement usually contains an occupancy limit clause, so make sure that the addition of a roommate does not violate those limits. Your rental agreement may also include other provisions on what constitutes a „good tenant,“ so make sure your future roommate is also qualified. Finally, it may be helpful for your future roommate to complete his credit report at the same time as the application. Just because your landlord already knows that you don`t mean that your potential roommate deserves the trust of the owner. Have your roommate complete an application and submit it with a credit report. This way, your landlord can check if your roommate has one-time payments or criminal convictions to fear. In general, many homeowners have no problem adding a roommate to an existing lease, especially if the potential roommate has excellent credits and referrals. The addition of another tenant helps to ensure that there are broader resources to pay the rent on time. However, it is also not uncommon for the landlord to take the opportunity to increase the rent, so this possibility should be considered before committing to add a roommate to a rental contract.

It may seem strange that you should suddenly pay more money for exactly the same room, but landlords assume that more tenants are causing more wear and tear. In addition, since you usually have to sign a new rental agreement, the landlord has the right to include all rent increases that have occurred since they were last signed (so be careful if you are looking for a new lease if you live in a controlled apartment). Although your landlord is generally required to inform about any rent increase, as this is a new rental agreement, such notification is not necessary. Here are a few other considerations to remember when adding a roommate to a lease: if your tenant asks you to add someone to the rental agreement, follow these 5 steps to approve or refuse the application: if you sign a lease or lease, your landlord has the legal right to increase your rent because you all sign a new contract. From the landlord`s point of view, an increase in rent makes sense, because an additional roommate means extra wear and tear on the rent. A signed rental agreement is very specific to those who can live in the rented apartment. What happens if your tenant wants someone to move in? Adults named in a rental agreement are legally responsible for the property, rent and ancillary costs to the surety and damages.