About Secondment Agreement

If the disclosure relates to information coming out of the European Economic Area, the second is required to ensure that there is adequate protection and it may be necessary to include specific provisions in the detachment agreement. As a result, the Member remains employed by his employer for the duration of the secondment on his original terms of employment. This could, however, mean that some minor changes to the overall employment contract may be necessary to allow for secondment, which may, however, be relatively informal and should ideally be agreed in advance with the Member. 6. If you are the host`s employer, make sure that the secondment agreement provides for compliance with your instructions and instructions. Next month, we will discuss key considerations in the development of Sabbath agreements. 3. Determine the conditions applicable during the secondment. Should a seconded worker report sick leave to his or her original employer or host? Which employer should authorize annual leave and what about work coverage when the MP takes maternity or other family leave during the secondment? Home employers and host employers should agree in advance on how they will deal with different types of absences and let the MEMBER know of their obligations in this regard. In general, second place continues to pay wages and related expenses (including income tax and social security contributions). If the detachment is a commercial agreement, the host usually reimburses these fees. However, it should be clear that, ideally, the agreement will determine the duration of the detachment. There are other circumstances in which the parties wish to provide for the termination of the contract.

For example, the parties must check whether they must terminate the contract in the event of excessive inability to perform or if the underwriter is cancelled for an infringement, or if the taker proves unsuitable for work. Parties may also schedule termination on notice or by appointment. It will also be important to inform the Member of the conditions under which he will work during the secondment. Of course, this is primarily a practical point – the second must be aware of what is expected of them during the secondment and how the agreement will work. In addition, it is questionable whether the provision of an MP to a host means that the employer is performing a „job activity“ within the meaning of the employment agency and employment company behaviour regulations in 2003.